We Want to Say Thank You!

We are actively working on this page, we want to be sure everyone gets their credit!

There are certain individuals to whom we owe a very special thank you. Without them Stream-Pi would not be what it is today.

Our Patrons!

Our Patrons

To everyone that supports us via Patreon, we owe you a tremendous thank you. This kind of support allows us to focus on expanding and improving our resources to deliver a better experience for everyone.

We are currently looking for a way to list all of our patrons on this page!

Brady Ruffner

Brady Ruffner

Back in 2019, Brady was active in the server, this was back when the project had lost a lot of steam.

He kept interacting with members of the team, making great suggestions and kept pushing us to expand the team. He eventually joined the team himself for a short time and really improved internal communication.

In late 2020 into mid 2021 the Project became very active again and the team made major amounts of development progress, we owe that to Brady. So thank you to him for bringing the project back to life and motivating Sam and Debayan to start working again.

Trideb Dhar

Trodeb Dhar

Trideb Dhar - also known as Nevador - made our wonderful logo, please visit them on their twitter. Thank you for making a logo that manages to capture the essence of Stream-Pi!