What makes the StreamPi Great?

Full OBS Integration!

StreamPi integrates with OBS through the socket plugin, and doesn't require you to set up hotkeys like some other alternatives. As long as OBS is running, the StreamPi can detect all of your scenes, sources, and transitions and be able to control it all!

Cross Platform Compaibility!

We want StreamPi to be accessible, so we plan to release it on every major platform; iOS, Android, PC, Linux, and Smart Fridges! Ok maybe not that last one haha ... unless?

Open Source!

StreamPi is a free to use software package. It's still in its growing stages and we're constantly adding more support. The code is available so if you've got an idea or want to make your own plugin, we're all for it!

Twitter Integration!

StreamPi integrates with Twitter API to be able to make tweets with the push of a button! Great for easily making tweets when you're about to stream!

HotKey Support

Easily setup hotkeys / macros for gaming, video editing, whatever you need!

Planned Features

If it has API we'll give it a try!

Spotify Integration

The next planned feature for StreamPi is the ability to control spotify, full control of play/pause, volume, skip/rewind, playing playlists and adding songs to playlists!

Adobe Integration

Video editing is a pain in the butt sometimes, what if StreamPi could control your video or photoeditor beyond the use of hotkeys? What if we could take advantage of full API integration?

Discord Integration

What if you could easily control discord while you were gaming? Want to mute your friends so you can focus? Or turn up that one quiet friend? Maybe you want to change voice channels becuase something crasy is going on. If the API allows it, we'll implement it!

IFTTT Support

IFTTT is already a well supported module from controlling everything from a smart house to making tweets on your behalf. We want to be able to integrate that experience with the StreamPi to allow for maximum control!

Computer Control

What if you could press a button that would Launch OBS, move it to another monitor, open up discord, and minimize everything else on the computer? Well we're going to see if we can't figure out how to do that!