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Interested in a press kit? Want to suggest a feature? Do you have some general feedback for us? Maybe you'd like to contribute or maybe it's something else?

Feel free to send us an email, but before you do, just a couple of things...

If you want to report a bug, please do not email us. Instead, check our Github repositories to see if the bug you are experiencing has been reported. If it has NOT yet been reported, please open an issue. The below buttons will take you to the repository's issue page.

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To be clear; bug reports sent to us via email will be ignored

Due to a large increase in spam emails recently, any email containing a link will not get sent. We are looking for a better way to deter this, but for now this is the best solution.

If you are interested in joining the Stream-Pi team, please click . A small card will pop up with some special instructions on what to include in your email.

You don't have to join the team to contribute, but we are interested in bringing in talented developers. We will also try to answer any general questions about contributing that you may have!

Email is a great way to keep things brief and professional, but we do encourage using our Discord for quicker responses and a more communicative experience.

NOTE: The Stream-Pi team will not store, steal, or give away your information for personal use or otherwise.

That being said; please DO NOT include any personal information in your email.

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