A robust alternative to the ElGato StreamDeck

Built for Raspberry Pi

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We have a discord where we talk about all things code! It's also one of the best places to keep up to date about what's going on development wise with the StreamPi

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It's Completely Free!

We will never put the StreamPi behind a pay wall, we wanted to create an alternative that wouldn't break the bank and as such it is and always will be free to download. It's also open source.

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Made in JavaFX

Both of us wanted to make something in JavaFX because it seemed to have been forgotten by the community and given that it's a great way to build UI and a challenge to build for on the Raspberry Pi, we decided to use it to learn more and build a great product! Thanks to Bellsoft for keeping JavaFX alive!

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Donating will never be necesarry and the StreamPi will always be free. But webhosting is not, and we can't quit our day jobs.

Donations will help us be able to continue hosting without worry, and help us focus extra time on development