How to Setup Stream-Pi

To view setup / install instructions, please click on the software type (server or client) and then click the button that pertains to your device.

Windows Smart Screen or any popular browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) may warn the user of the EXE installer being potentially malicious.

This is because the EXE itself is not signed by Microsoft. The process to get the EXE signed requires a fee which we currently can not cover. However, as soon as that changes we will make getting the EXE signed a priority.

If you are unsure then feel free to upload the ZIP file to VirusTotal, or your own chosen database, OR, Check the actual source code for yourself. We have nothing to hide.

The code is open-source, so you as the user can see what goes into a build and can verify yourself that nothing malicious is in the code-base. This same privilage also allows you to compile your own builds straight from the source.

If you're still unsure and don't trust Stream-Pi running on your system then the only thing we can further advise you to do is to NOT USE IT.

It is advised that you DO NOT run StreamPi on a public network, currently we do not encrypt the connection from client to server so the connection is vulnerable. Using a private network is safe.

We are currently looking for the best way to distribute and roll out the install instructions. Please bear with us while we make sure we can provide the best experience possible!

For now, please visit our GitHub and look at the relases for the client and server